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Who we are

nanoSaar is a leading provider of tailored nanotechnology solutions that give a competitive and multiplatform edge to a wide range of partners from the chemical industry.


The centerpiece

Our MJR® Technology

Our MJR® Technology

The core of our offer is very small—yet very powerful:
Our patented MicroJetReactor (MJR®) is just 3 cm long and yields the innovative materials that enable our partners to push the boundaries of their product range.

Its mixing chamber technology can be used for the kinetically enforced manufacture of nanoparticles and microparticles, emulsions and encapsulations of a precisely defined size and to outstanding levels of quality. It’s both simple and ingenious.

Thanks to our in-house laboratory, production facilities and highly experienced team of experts, we can offer completely integrated solutions including everything from development services to the on-site setup of MJR® production facilities at our partners’ locations or an inhouse contract manufacturing.

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Highly homogeneous, superior-quality product

Continuous low-cost process

Quick, easy scale-up for industrial-sized chemical production

Highly sustainable product and technology development as well as production

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